Welcome to the Blue World Divers

Visit the fascinating underwater world with the Blue World Diving Center in Tekirova/Kemer. Taste the feeling of reaching neutral buoyancy and breathing underwater.

We offer boat trips to the Underwater Environmental Park Three Islands on one of our daily tours with clear water, wonderful reefs, big canyons and a big cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

The Three Islands offer ideal conditions with shallow slopes for beginners and steep drop-offs for experienced divers.

Our services include not only activities for experienced divers, but also for beginners, who can try breathing underwater during a free trial dive in the hotel pool that takes place everyday. Afterwards you have the possibilty to make a Discover dive with the instructor in the sea or join one of the classes to get an international diving licence. We hope to see you soon…

Blue World Diving Center

Bayram & Hasan Cesur