Environmental Park Three Islands

The Three Islands are located about 3km off the shore of Tekirova near the resort of Kemer. Archaeological findings  showed that these islands are used since 5000 years as an important place between the western and eastern Mediterranean sea. 2000 years ago ships probably used them to stay protected during storms when visiting the cities of Phaselis and Olympos in the very close proximity. Since 20 years they are often visited by tourist boats and in the end they were announced an environmentally protected area serving the health of the local sea birds and fish. That means that no one is allowed to set foot on the islands or to hunt fish. Diving activities are strictly controlled and the only activity that is still allowed there. These efforts led to a healthier population of Caretta turtles and even one family of Mediterranean seals living here all year.

The Big Canyon

The Big Canyon is located on the northern tip of the Three Islands. It consist of a reef plate at 9m depth with many sharp rocks and its drop-off to 38m. Generally we leave the boat on one side of the wall and dive all the way to its mooring position on the other side. You will experience many little caves and hide-aways for fish and amphorae dating back up to 2000 years.*

The Small Canyon

The Small Canyon is also located at the Three Islands right next to the big canyon. It starts on the shallow water of the shore with amphorae and an antique anchor between the rocks. There are drop-offs, huge underwater cliffs and beautiful views. Generally we dive between 9 and 19 meters deep. With a little luck we see Caretta turtles here. Since it is possible to dive at every depth the Small Canyon is suitable for beginners, too.

Amphora Reef

Amphora Reef is a large field of rocks between two of the Three Islands. It is very well suited for beginners on the one side and experienced divers on the other. You will find many amphorae grown together with the rocks after maybe thousands of years. Because of the caves there are many fish there. Passing a tunnel cave is excitement not only for pros. The average depth is 5m to 20m.


Deep Cave

For the Deep Cave at the Three Islands you should be a little experienced. We dive along the slopes of the northern island and reach a very mysterious cave with strange light coming from one of the wholes in the ceiling. See big cliffs and amphorae on the way between 5m and 30m.*



Small Island

The dive spot at the Small Island is about 5m to 40m deep. Here you can have a nice relaxed dive with some amphorae, little caves and big underwater cliffs. It always deserves to look into the cracks of the rocks to see an octopus or lobster.




Adventure Reef

Adventure Reef is actually the fourth island of the Three Islands, but never reached over the surface of the sea. Therefore it is hidden to anyone except divers. Fish find a silent hideaway, bigger fish come for the smaller and often we see Caretta turtles here. Drifts are not unusual and the diving depth reaches up to 35m.




Möweninsel (‘Seagull Island’) is the smallest island of the park and awaits you with nice rock formations, little caves and sometimes Caretta turtles. This divespot is suitable for beginners and experienced divers and the diving depth ranges between 6m and 30m.





At this divespot we follow the slopes of a huge reef plate. Beside many different fish there are very special views over the underwater valleys. The diving depth is between 7m and 35m.





This wreck lies between 28m and 38m on a sand plain. After gutting the propeller plane was sunken in 2012 in order to create a new spot for the scuba tourism. It consists of aluminium. It is attractive especially for underwater photographers.


Big Cave

The opening of the Big Cave is located 8m under the surface. After a tunnel of 10-15m you reach the surface inside the cave. There are many stalactites and stalagmites of unknown age. After exiting the dive spot offers depths of 30m while passing two antique anchors on 28m.*


Wreck Paris II (Kemer)

The French ship Paris II was sunken in 1917 by a shot from a cliff near Kemer. A long time forgotten it was rediscovered in the end of the 20th century. The German dive mag ‘Tauchen‘ chose it as one of the 100 best divespots worldwide. Because of the distance to our diving center we require reservations in advance and a certain number of participants. The wreck lies between 23m and 32m deep.


Turtle Spot (Kaplumbağa)

This spot is located near the middle island facing the main land. Experienced and unexperienced divers have a good time here between depths of 5m and 18m. The perfect place for relaxed dives.

More distant Dive Spots


Excursions to Pirasali Island, Five Islands, Wreck San Didier (Antalya), Wreck Pati and others require special reservations in advance.